Bovikalc® Dry

An oral supplement that maintains a more comfortable dry-off for dairy cows


Bovikalc® Dry is an oral mineral bolus designed to reduce milk production. It creates a mild, temporary decrease in blood pH that decreases dry matter intake and impacts milk synthesis. The reduction of milk production decreases udder engorgement and pressure, leading to more comfortable cows.

Features & Benefits

Drying off is the most important phase of the lactation cycle because it prepares the cow and her udder for the next lactation. Bovikalc® Dry provides a more comfortable dry-off by reducing milk production at dry-off, which can help: 


  • Reduce udder engorgement and pressure to maintain a more comfortable dry-off1

  • Maintain cow comfort and well-being at dry-off without the implementation of additional2 management changes 

  • Extend lying time for a more comfortable dry-off experience1

  • Reduce milk leakage1


Dosage & Administration

The recommended method of delivery involves giving both boluses at dry-off. Giving two boluses at, or eight to 12 hours before, the last milking is the recommended protocol.  


Bovikalc® Dry is an oral mineral supplement given to dairy cows at dry-off.  


The direct effect of BOVIKALC Dry is a reduction of dry-matter intake, which results in a reduction of milk production at the time around dry-off. BOVIKALC Dry contains calcium chloride, calcium sulfate and ammonium chloride.


The product reduces milk production at dry-off by inducing a slight and temporary decrease in blood pH.  


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