Equine Research Awards Instructions

Research Proposal Submission Instructions

Provide the following information for each project proposal. The proposal must be typed in no less than 12-point type and double spaced with a maximum of eight pages including cover and summary page.

Cover Page

Complete accompanying form “The Advancement in Equine Research Proposal Cover Page”.

  • Use form as cover page.
  • Include a one-page Curriculum Vitae for the primary investigator and each co-investigator with the proposal and attach at the end of the proposal (not included in maximum eight pages). 

Project Summary

Complete accompanying form “The Advancement in Equine Research Proposal Summary”.

The entire form must be limited to one page. Provide the information in non-technical language. 

Current Status of the Problem

Give a brief literature review.

Describe Earlier Related Research

Research in this area or closely related field by principle investigator, not more than five citations.

Project Objectives

List multiple objectives separately and explain clearly the research questions to be answered.

Procedures to Achieve Objectives

  • Include details of Experimental Design and Methods. 
  • Discuss and reference all assays, procedures and statistical tests used in the study. 
  • Document demonstrated expertise with proposed lab procedures.

Schedule/ Timeline

Give timelines for proposed research (maximum of 12 months).

Value of Proposed Research

Explain the value of the research to the equine industry (one paragraph).

Budget for Project

Overhead and indirect costs will NOT be covered by research funds, this includes all staff salaries. However, graduate student support, student hourly labor, and post-doctoral support are allowed. No equipment over $500 is allowed, this does not include disposable equipment such as test tubes, etc. 


Costs covered by this award must be indicated in a three column format (i.e. University, Advancement in Equine Research Award, and Total). 


List other funding requested or anticipated support for this project.

Submission Instructions (Please Follow Precisely)

  • Make sure the first and second page of the proposal are the Cover page and Summary page provided above.
  • Attach a one-page Curriculum Vitae to the back of the proposal. 
  • Convert all files into one Adobe PDF document (.pdf)
  • Send an email, with PDF proposal attached, to


If you have any questions, contact us via email at or by calling 816-676-4731.

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2022 Proposals Due

The deadline for proposals for the 2022 Advancement in Equine Research Award is: September 15, 2022