Calvenza®-03 EIV/EHV

Equine Rhinopneumonitis - Influenza Vaccine


  • CALVENZA®-03 EIV/EHV is an equine rhinopneumonitis and influenza, killed virus vaccine for healthy horses 6 months of age or older, including pregnant mares, against:

    • respiratory diseases due to equine herpesvirus types 1 and 4 (EHV-1 & EHV-4)

    • equine influenza virus (EIV) types A2 North American and A2 Eurasian

  • The first equine influenza vaccine updated to follow OIE guidelines to contain Florida sublineage clade 1

  • Flexible administration - intramuscular and intranasal with a pliable nasal applicator

Features & Benefits


  • Incorporates Florida sublineage clade 1 (OH/03), Kentucky (KY/2/95), and Eurasian Newmarket/2/93 (NM/2/93) equine influenza strains

  • Unique EHV-1 equine respiratory origin isolate

  • Carbimmune® adjuvant formulation

  • Ultrafil® purification technology

  • Includes innovative pliable nasal applicator

  • Safe for use in foals as young as 6 months of age

  • Proven safe in pregnant mares


  • Stimulates antibody production against EHV-1 & EHV-4

  • Carbimmune® adjuvant system allows a dual-phase antigen presentation to deliver both rapid and long-lasting immunity

  • Ultrafil® purification technology eliminates undesirable cellular components and extraneous protein to minimize the potential injection site reactions (such as heat, swelling, and inflammation)

  • Flexible dose administration using intramuscular or intranasal techniques

  • Pregnant mare may be safely vaccinated in any stage of gestation

  • Can initiate vaccination in foals as early as 6 months of age

Dosage & Administration

Shake the bottle well before using.  Using aseptic technique, inoculate horses intramuscularly (IM) with a 2mL dose.

Administer second 2mL dose IM in 3-4 weeks using a different injection site.

Administer a third 2mL dose in 3-4 weeks either by intramuscular or intranasal (IN) route.


The need for annual booster vaccinations has not been established for this product.; consultation with a veterinarian is recommended.

Safety Information


  • Store at a temperature between 35° - 46°F (2° - 8°C)

  • Do not freeze

  • Do not vaccinate within 21 days of slaughter

  • Do not mix with other products

  • Use entire contents after opening


In case of anaphylactoid reaction, administer epinephrine. In case of human exposure, contact a physician.



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