Digital Innovation

Transforming Animal Health

Technology led innovation addresses today’s needs and ensures tomorrow’s progress.    

Committed to Cutting Edge

An emphasis on digital innovation translates to actionable tools that assist customers when caring for animals.

BI X, an independent subsidiary dedicated to incubating breakthrough digital solutions in healthcare, did ground-breaking work leading to telemedicine solutions that link veterinarians with pet owners and tools that help farmers operate more efficiently.

Committed to Cutting Edge

Connected and Collaborative Care

Informed and involved pet owners insist on the best care for their animals. Digital tools are key to fostering a strong relationship among veterinarians, owners, and other caregivers.

The PawruTM suite of telehealth products harnesses the power of technology to link pet owners and veterinarians.

Connected and Collaborative Care

It's a brave new world for animal health and livestock production.

Dr. Jens Kjaer, Senior Associate Director, Integrated Health Management, Swine


PawruTM is a trademark of Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health USA Inc.