Complete Confidence

At Boehringer Ingelheim, we work with you to develop the health management strategies that are right for your unique system. From reproduction to respiratory and gut health, we fill your toolbox with the flexible, innovative solutions that keep your herd – and your entire operation – healthy. And knowing your herd is always in the best hands delivers something even more important than complete health: complete confidence.

FLEX Family Respiratory and Reproductive Products

The FLEX Family of products includes 10 swine vaccines, with multiple solutions customized to your herd’s respiratory disease problems.

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Enterisol® Gut Health Products

The ENTERISOL family of products promotes gut health in your herd.

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ParaSail®, Glaesserella  parasuis  Vaccine

PARASAIL is an avirulent live, single-dose vaccine that aids in the protection against Glasser’s disease.

Logo for Parasail a swine health vaccine for glassers disease