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Automate Your Respiratory Disease Monitoring

SOUNDTALKS uses artificial intelligence combined with always-on, in-barn audio monitoring to detect signs of respiratory disease by listening for coughing pigs, then alerting producers to potential problems in real time.

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How it Works

Sophisticated acoustic, temperature and humidity sensors continuously gather data which is transmitted via Wi-Fi Mesh technology to the SOUNDTALKS gateway, then on to the Cloud. Caregivers receive health alerts via SOUNDTALKS, the web portal, and when in-barn LED are green, yellow, or red.

Early Detection for Better Outcomes

Early detection of respiratory disease can lead to better preventative protocols and earlier, more accurate treatment and response, which can result in improved productivity and reduced costs.1

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Learn how SOUNDTALKS can help improve swine respiratory disease management through ease of use, state-of-the-art technology and increased efficiency.

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1 Alonso C, Ghysen A, Figueras SJ, et al. Using SoundTalks®️ real time respiratory health status monitoring to improve grow-finish production performance. ESPHM 2022. 

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