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SoundTalks® Benefits

SOUNDTALKS Helps Improve Performance1-3

With automated monitoring and potential problems identified in real time to the right team members, producers can amplify production management, ensure access to objective and continuous respiratory health data, and capture proven ROI through early intervention and increased pig performance.1-3 

Early Intervention Provides ROI2

Use of SOUNDTALKS to intervene on respiratory disease up to five days earlier than normal has been shown to:2

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Increase Average daily gain (ADG)

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Decrease Treatments

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Performance Decreases as Disease Progresses3

Disease duration increases losses as:  

-More pigs become infected 

-Disease severity increases 

-Secondary infections occur

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Early Detection with SOUNDTALKS

Earlier warning of respiratory disease with the smart, automated technology of SOUNDTALKS can shorten the window from disease detection to recovery.


Amplified Production Management

SOUNDTALKS listens for coughing pigs 24/7, helping producers augment health monitoring even amid labor issues.

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1 Alonso C, Ghysen A, Figueras SJ, et al. Using SoundTalks®️ real time respiratory health status monitoring to improve grow-finish production performance. ESPHM 2022. 

2 Polson D, Alonso C. Economic assessment of a sound-based precision livestock farming tool (SoundTalks) based on timing of intervention after a dual Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae and PRRS virus seeder challenge in pigs. 

3 Haden C, Painter T, Fangman T, et al. Assessing production parameters and economic impact of swine influenza, PRRS and Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae on finishing pigs in a large production system.

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